Modular And Manufactured Homes – A Quick, Easy Build

Today’s modular homes and manufactured homes are nothing like the mobile homes of yesteryear.

The quality of the homes is better…modular and manufactured homes now have to meet the 2012 International Residential Codes, with in-factory inspections regularly conducted.

The choices in homes are broader…modular and manufactured homes come in all sizes and configurations, from models designed for parks to HUD code homes, single box homes to large modular homes with two stories or lofts.

The process is easier…modular and manufactured homes are quick, easy builds. You select a design that fits within your budget, choose the finishes, order the home, and typically we’ll have your new home ready to move into within 6 months.

Through our retail company, Rocky Mountain Base Camp, LLC.(click on the blue text to the left to go to our retail home sales page), we sell manufactured homes and modular homes from Champion Homes (based in York, Nebraska) – click here to see sample floor plans. We also sell modular homes from Family Built Homes (based in Gering, Nebraska), and Heritage Homes (based in Wayne, NE.) Click here to see sample floor plans from Family Built Homes, and click here to see sample floor plans from Heritage Homes.

In general, manufactured and modular home prices range from $90-$110 per square foot, depending on the finishes you choose, and the homes are even available in log-sided options.

In addition to new manufactured and modular homes, we also do additions and modifications to older homes. For example, we can attach an addition to a home. Or we can remove an old mobile home or trailer and place a new manufactured or modular home on the foundation.

And the manufactured / modular concept isn’t just for residences. We now use modular and manufactured components to construct:

• multi-story apartments
• hotels and motels
• commercial buildings (such as stores, restaurants, and shoppettes)

For more information about modular and manufactured homes, or for a free estimate, please call (719) 687-0680, or e-mail

Please note: In addition to modular / manufactured home, we also build log homes, custom homes, hunter’s cabins, steel buildings and pole barns, and garages throughout Colorado. Our office and manufacturing facility is located in Divide, Colorado, which is near Colorado Springs.