In Colorado, many of our clients have moderate to intensive excavation requirements that come along with any new build or remodeling project. Our engineering team is trained in all levels of excavation and blasting jobs and equipment, allowing us to help you not only with your construction but with the creation of roads and driveways, septic and sewer systems, rock and
retaining walls, foundations, landscaping and more.

Roads & Driveways

Whether you are looking to excavate an existing road or driveway, or build a new one, Above Treeline Construction can help with the planning, design, and construction.

Septic and Sewer Systems

Septic and sewer systems can be a mess. Leave it to Above Treeline Construction to evaluate and properly deal with your septic and sewer system excavation and installation on both residential and commercial properties.

Rock & Retaining Walls

Above Treeline Construction is not limited to logs! We have experience building rock and retaining walls on a number of our projects. If you are looking to add some character to the outside of your property, a stone retaining wall can be a great and functional addition!


As general contractors our skill set includes landscaping services. We can build a beautiful log home and improve your yard or other piece of land to match. We can alter existing designs, add ornamental features, or help plant trees and shrubs to complement your log home!


The foundation is the key to any successful ground-up structural project. We can help build or evaluate any projected or existing foundation. Whether it is a shallow or deep foundation, Above Treeline Construction will build your dream home from the foundation up!

Building Site Preparation

Above Treeline Construction can help you find the land you are looking for and prepare the site for construction. With 30 years of experience, we can walk you through all the steps of choosing and preparing a site for construction.


Above Treeline can help prep any site for excavation with blasting. With years of experience and our standardized safety precautions, we can clear any rock or unwanted obstacle to prepare a lot for construction.

Engineering and Design Assistance

With 30+ years of experience and a skilled staff, Above Treeline Construction can offer engineering and design assistance to any customer. We are also happy to work side by side with any licensed engineering company to get your project done right!

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